Second-Half Heroics! (Monday’s)

Touchdown Yo Pants


Week Two is here! After having to delay our season a week, Week One was great, and everyone looked to keep up the great social atmosphere that we all enjoyed last week! Teams are having fun and socializing, laughing and joking during games, all while putting quality football on the fields.




Games were great all night, but the highlight game of the night happened on Field 6 between Touchdown Yo Pants vs Show Me Them TD’s. Defense caused both offensives to stall early, as we only saw a score of 8-7 heading into halftime. Though the first may have been a bit of a snoozer, the second half was full of highlights. Both teams went back and forth in the last two minutes of the game, and there was no telling who was going to make a stop and win this one. We saw a highlight touchdown that was tipped numerous times in the end-zone by at least four players, only to find its way into the arms of a super excited female player for the score. Touchdown Yo Pants found a way to win this game, but Show Me Them TD’s gave them a run for their money.



Looks like the weather is starting to shape up, so prepare for a beautiful Week Three and the competition level to go up a bit. It’s mid-season and playoffs will start to be in the eyes of teams.