Net Raiders! (Monday’s)


Notorious D.I.G


Social Team of the Week was Notorious D.I.G. who came into this week very confident and determined to get the victory, but have fun doing it.


The Guac in Dead vs Pride Of SA
This was a great game to watch because both teams were having a lot of fun in this game; it was competitive, but it was friendly. There were a lot of cheers and laughs during this match even though the game started a tad late. Both teams started off really well and serves were on point for The Guac in Dead. They started rolling early in the game, but The Pride of SA did not go down without a fight and clawed their way back into it. But it was too little too late as The Guac in Dead was too far ahead and took the match in two sets.

Safe Sets vs Serving Cerveza
Last game of the night and both teams were ready to go for this one. Serving Cerveza had a great offensive attack going early in the game, but Safe Sets adjusted their play and kept the game close. Safe Sets went on a long rally and begin to put the pressure on Serving Cerveza and it proved to be a little too much and Safe Sets took the victory in two sets.


No matter where you fall in the standings, remember that it’s only Week Two and there is still plenty of time! If you missed us at the Hangar this week, make sure to join us next week for cold drinks after the game!