The End Is Near (Wednesday)

Hot Tamales

Tonight was just as great as the entire season has been at St. George. Our indoor volleyball players are really awesome and make the season feel like it’s flying by because we are having so much fun. We have one more regular season night next week, then it’s playoff time. Tonight put a lot of pressure on teams who are trying to make it into that playoff bracket. Some rose to the occasion, others fell back.

The first game was between Hot Tamales and Bump Set Spike. Both teams were at an equal spot coming into this game and match up on all levels. This was the first time they faced off this season and man was it a great game. Hot Tamales has been killing it all season, shocking teams on how quickly they came together as a team of individuals. However, tonight they didn’t look as confident as they usually are. That led to them losing the first set with a large gap. Although they came back to win the second set, the groove just wasn’t there. Bump, Set, Spike took full advantage of the situation and were able to beat Hot Tamales and move up on the leader board.

The second game of the night between Beta Blockers and May the Ace be With You was highly anticipated. Both teams sit at the top of the board and Beta Blockers stood as the only remaining undefeated team. However, they hadn’t faced off against the highly skilled May the Ace be With You. Tonight Beta Blockers looked off their game as well. They couldn’t dig and retrieve balls that they normally have no problem with. May the Ace Be With you looked calm and relaxed as if they were practicing for the big show. May the Ace be With you won 2-0.

We saved the best for last tonight with our two most social teams. Block You Like a Hurricane and Safe Sets definitely take full advantage of their beer specials at Little Woodrows and enjoy a few before their late games. Tonight was no different. The giggly teams show up full of smiles and laughs as they enjoy some great competitive volleyball. But don’t let the buzz fool you, these guys can play and always put on a good show. Safe Sets won 2-0.