Week One! (Wednesday’s)

Welcome to a new season of indoor volleyball with SASSC! Returning from last season, Dream Team has come back in hopes of winning the entire season this time around; they fell just short in the championship game last season. Block and Awe also has some returning players from various teams that came together to create a new super group. Block and Awe had the same problem as most of the teams did last season: they couldn’t get the ball around the super tall players on Dream Team. The first set was slow for Block and Awe as they were down a few points most of the game. During the second set, Block and Awe showed promise of turning the game around. They were neck and neck up until the very end when Dream Team turned up the heat to take home their first win.


Bump Set Spike were definitely a bunch of spunky/goofy teammates. You could tell that they came out to have fun with the game. They were short a player and therefore, had a ghost player working against them, but they didn’t let that bring them down. Spiked Punch was definitely making them work for their points but B.S.S. was always finding weird and funny ways to work with their ghost. When the teams went into the 3rd set, Spiked Punch was finally getting the feel for the teammates playing styles but B.S.S. came back with some hard serves and nice spots that won them their first game.


Hit-Faced is a brand new team to the league. They played extremely well against Dream Team who are some of the hardest hitters this season. Being new to the leagues, getting used to all the rules of volleyball was hitting them hard this first game, but Dream Team was kind enough to help explain the game and keep up spirits when ever Hit-Faced was able to get some good rallies in! Hit-Faced fell short in points for sets 1 and 2, but they had a great time playing!