Back to Base-ics! (Tuesday’s)

Don’t Be a Bunt


Week Four at Olmos brings us another round of things that we love: beer, kickball and beer.



Don’t Be a Bunt had their double header night. Their first game they took it easy on the team they were playing and went over different scenarios and strategies with them during the game. After their second game of the evening they shotgunned a few beers with their opponent.


Not Your Average Joe’s had their double header night tonight as they would take on Las Chupacabras in their first match. They were unable to get things going tonight as the Chupacabras were playing some of the best defense we have seen out here! The Chupacabras would win this one by a score of 5-0. NYAJ second match-up of the night was against the league leaders Don’t Be A bunt. Don’t Be A Bunt had a consistent night of offense as they were able to bring in two runs every inning tonight. NYAJ were able to bring in two runs tonight, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the fire power of Don’t Be a Bunt. Final score of this one was 9-2.


Next up we had the game of the night between Kick It and Quit it and Hotline Bling. KI&QI were able to strike first in the second inning, but you can never count out Hotline Bling. They brought in two runs in the bottom of the fifth to take the lead by one. KI&QI brought in two in their final at bat to put the pressure back on Hotline Bling. Hotline was unable to find the bling in their rebuttal, and would fall to Kick It and Quit it by a score of 3-2.


Our final game of the night put Don’t Be A Bunt up against the Guido Hitmen. Don’t Be A Bunt were able to use their momentum from their first game and translate it to round two of the evening. They would take this one with ease, winning by a score of 8-2.