Week One! (Wednesday’s)


We Got the Runs


Welcome to another great season of Kickball with SASSC at Olmos Park! We’ve seen great competition all year long, and a big thank you to all of our returners. But it wouldn’t be SSC without new faces as a number of new teams have joined us this season! It was a great time, and if Week One was any indication of the atmosphere we are in for this season, we can’t wait!


To highlight and recap the night, We Got The Runs started their season off on a positive note by beating Chorizo Funk, 6-0. The seem to have found their groove this season and hopefully they can keep it going until the playoffs. Chorizo Funk is going to have to regroup after this disappointing Week One defeat, so let’s watch and see if that happens Week Two.

Toe Jammers came out and dominated Salamanders 17-3. This Top Jammers team is a combination of Social and Super Social kickball elite and they are looking to run the table on anyone that is in their way. Despite this dominant effort we saw a number of other teams perform very well tonight that could very well challenge for a championship. Other notable scores included: We’re Taking Your Grandma to Applebee’s, 16, Wittle Dweam Team, 0; BIG RED BALLS, 12, Double Play, Triple Heyyyyyyyy, 1; and Kicks Out for Harambe, 5, Pitch Betta Have My Money, 1.

Good luck to everyone this season and have a great time!