Rain, Rain, Stay Away! (Monday’s)

(March 27) Though we were teased this afternoon, the rain did indeed stay away and we were finally able to make it to Week Five! Tonight was the night of females as we saw an incredible number of female goals, which includes two separate hat tricks!



Our featured team of the night is Miniature Tigers! The Tigers got the scoring off to a quick start as minutes in, a female scored. Within minutes and just inches from the goal, she was able to get a beautiful behind the back shot into the goal. Not wasting any time, a male decided to get in on the scoring action, now bringing the score to 5-0. But right before the half, the same female scored yet another girl to give her a hat trick in a single half! Infinite would get into the scoring action to start the second half. But that would be answered by another male Tiger goal. Infinite would follow that up with one last goal. The final in this offensive showdown, 8-2.

Shoutout to Ninja Gummy Bears as they too had a female with a hat trick!



Best of luck to teams in Week Six!