Hit It, Please Don’t Quit It (Wednesday’s)


Lucifer Lites continues to come out and tailgate from the start of the night until the very end. They bring family, friends, coolers, chairs, and just have a great time – especially for it being their first season. Balls and Dolls always sticks around after their game and tailgate and drink beer from the back of their players trucks while playing music. Its great!


Hit It and Quit It has been a team that comes around every season. They play pretty consistently, are always in great moods, and stick around after their games to continue to play with other teams after the courts are empty. Tonight was no exception.


Hit It and Quit It went head to head against Sherlock Homies and clutched the match in two sets. The first set both teams had some really great serves, but unfortunately Sherlock Homies didn’t have the best passing game, and ended up losing 25-13. The second game, Sherlock Homies came back with a few serves, and really started to get their momentum up, but Hit It and Quit It was very consistent and let minimal passes hit the ground, so they ended up winning the second set 25-12.

An awesome sight to see was Hit It and Quit It and Sherlock Homies talk through their game against each other and be extremely positive providing recognition towards each others good plays. They both stuck around after the game and continued to play, cheering each other on, laughing, and having a great time.