Category: Sand Volleyball

From Downtown (Thursday’s)


Social Team of the Week is 210 in Motion. They came early, tailgated, were very social and fun and even had a huge fan base there to support them at the game and cheer them on.


The game of the evening goes to Downtown Strikers vs #Next Season.

The night started off with this very close and exciting game, both teams came to play and have fun at the same time. After splitting the first 2 games, they started the third set and it was point for point the whole game. With the score tied 16 to 16 and the next point win, Downtown Strikers pulled off the victory in a very, very good game.

Check Your Vitals (Wednesday’s)


The Social Team of the Week is Code Blue! New faces to SSC, they found us as an outlet after their busy days of saving lives! Yes, this group of medical professionals is a blast and while they work to improve on the courts, they always do so with a smile on their faces and a trip to the bar to their nights!


Tonight, our Social Team of the Week took on the Spazmatic Rimjobs! This was an evenly matched game, and the sets came down to the very end! In the first, Spaz had early control of their match, and although Code Blue rallied, they fell just short, 25-20. The second set, though, was close throughout, and it would require the cap to end this one. Despite back and forth, and great play from both sides, Spaz squeaked out the second set also by a score of 27-25.

Later in the night, both Balls & Dolls and Spiked Punch concluded their regular season unblemished at 6-0, with Hit It & Quit It and Rehab Dream Team rounding out the playoff picture!

No Matter how the Wind Howls (Tuesday’s)


It was a tornado Tuesday when the wind decided to come out and hang. Before it really picked up, we had a battle of the undefeated, Let’s Taco Bout It and Talk to the Sand. This game was filled with great saves followed by even better plays. In the end, one had to win and stay undefeated and that was Talk to the Sand.


When the wind finally picked up, KHABOOM and Pat O Hurricanes were ready to go. Each team split the first two sets 25-19. Our third set saw Pat O Hurricanes use the wind and claim the third set.

Aces in the Hole (Friday’s)


Social Team of the Week goes to Bumpin Uglies. They came early, hit around in between sets and stayed after to watch the other game.


Game of the Week goes to How I Set Your Mother vs Notorious DIG.

How I Set Your Mother started off strong in the first set, determined to make as few errors as possible. Their serves and ability to cover made the first set and easy win, 25-19.

Notorious DIG came back in the second set though, pushing through with a strong back line and capitalizing on How I Set Your Mother’s errors. Their determination pushed this match to a 3rd set, 25-17.

How I Set Your Mother just wasn’t able to turn the second set loss around and Notorious DIG’s first server delivered a 10 point ACE streak. Notorious DIG takes the win for the 3rd set, 15-4.

#Volleyball (Thursday’s)


Week 5 opened to another great night at Factory of Champions as we head into the home stretch for this summer season.

Game of the night goes to #nextseason vs Flying Cat. Veteran teams on Thursday nights, these teams came out to have a good time and play some volleyball. This close match went to 3 games with our teams fighting for every point along the way. #nextseason was able to push the match to 3 sets with an awesome serve streak and capitalizing on Flying Cats weak back line. Flying Cat came back in the third though by not letting any errors happen and close out this game for a win, 2 sets to 1.

Hit It, Please Don’t Quit It (Wednesday’s)


Lucifer Lites continues to come out and tailgate from the start of the night until the very end. They bring family, friends, coolers, chairs, and just have a great time – especially for it being their first season. Balls and Dolls always sticks around after their game and tailgate and drink beer from the back of their players trucks while playing music. Its great!


Hit It and Quit It has been a team that comes around every season. They play pretty consistently, are always in great moods, and stick around after their games to continue to play with other teams after the courts are empty. Tonight was no exception.


Hit It and Quit It went head to head against Sherlock Homies and clutched the match in two sets. The first set both teams had some really great serves, but unfortunately Sherlock Homies didn’t have the best passing game, and ended up losing 25-13. The second game, Sherlock Homies came back with a few serves, and really started to get their momentum up, but Hit It and Quit It was very consistent and let minimal passes hit the ground, so they ended up winning the second set 25-12.

An awesome sight to see was Hit It and Quit It and Sherlock Homies talk through their game against each other and be extremely positive providing recognition towards each others good plays. They both stuck around after the game and continued to play, cheering each other on, laughing, and having a great time.

Dig Out of a Hole (Tuesday’s)


Hoodrats played their first game of the night against Serving Cervezas. After a first set that saw Serving Cervezas win easy, the Hoodrats were able to come back and take the second two sets in some close games.


KHABOOM was back and looking good against Hit Faced. Hit Faced was able to take set one but dropped set 2 and KHABOOM was rolling. Set 3 belonged to Hit Faced in a close 2 point third set.


Games were competitive as well as social this evening.

Net, Line and Sinker (Friday’s)


Great competition this evening highlights two games of night.


The first feature match up goes to, Notorious DIG vs. Bumping Uglies.

Notorious DIG started off with a lead but Bumping Uglies found holes in the formation and quickly caught up. Both teams were getting considerably lucky and finding the line on quite a few hits. Towards the end of the first set, the game was point for point, but Bumping Uglies just made a few mistake giving Notorious DIG the first win. Set 2 was another close game, but once Bumping Uglies found their rhythm, they were on an unstoppable roll. Notorious DIG was just unable to save some balls at the net or get under some of the serves. After a timeout, it seemed like they might have slowed down Bumping Uglies, but without prevail, Bumping Uglies came back to end the game with an awesome 14 point lead and pushing them to a game 3. Set 3 was all about Bumping Uglies. Their serves and passes were on point. Notorious DIG was just not able to keep up. It was a quick match with Bumping Uglies taking it 15 – 5.

The second feature match up of the night starred, Ball Busters 2.0 (BB) vs. How I Set Your Mother (HISYM).

BB came out here on fire tonight. They had a strong opening run of up to 10 points before HISYM could come back with a response. HISYM slowly gained some points but the quick returns from BB  were too much for them. BB took set 1, 25 – 10. Set 2, HISYM was able to get some good passes in and they were able to keep up at the beginning. Once BB got on a roll though, there was no stopping them. They had great spikes and awesome saves. BB took the match at 25 – 15, for a strong 2 set victory.

Did Anyone Order a Victory Round? (Thursday’s)



Social Team of the Week goes to the Boozers. This team arrives early and hangs out late. They play sports with SSC on multiple nights and are always in a good mood.


An almost rainy night made the heat almost bearable at Factory of Champions last night, but teams made sure to break a sweat as they battled for a week 4 win.

Game of the night goes to Serving Cervezas and Dirty Beaches. Serving Cervezas is a team that prides itself on not being afraid to get dirty. They’ll dive head first into the sand to make a save. A new team to our league Dirty Beaches was willing to put themselves on the line as they worked for every point they scored against Serving Cervezas this evening. While the teams duked it out in the first set, Serving Cervezas closed it out 25-20. Dirty Beaches was unable to recover and Serving Cervezas took a quick win, 25-11.

Familiar Faces (Wednesday’s)


Our Social Team of the Week is Net Raiders II! A familiar group of SSC faces (but new to Wednesday’s), this team comes out each week, beers ready!


This week, our Social Team of the Week, Net Raiders II, took on Sherlock Homies, a team with a couple of familiar faces. Sherlock is here for the beer. Net Raiders II took the early lead in both sets, and was able to close out the game quickly in two sets.


Opposite them, we had a great game in Spiked Punch and Hit It & Quit It. Both of these teams were hungry for a competitive game, and tonight delivered. Rallies would go so long, there were times when both forgot which team served. It was an incredible defensive game that really came down to mistakes. After splitting the first two sets, Spiked Punch found a way to set themselves up consistently and force Hit It & Quit It to their heels. Hit It & Quit It became a bit more conservative against a team that you cannot take that approach, and Spiked Punch took advantage. They took the third set, 15-9.