Did Anyone Order a Victory Round? (Thursday’s)



Social Team of the Week goes to the Boozers. This team arrives early and hangs out late. They play sports with SSC on multiple nights and are always in a good mood.


An almost rainy night made the heat almost bearable at Factory of Champions last night, but teams made sure to break a sweat as they battled for a week 4 win.

Game of the night goes to Serving Cervezas and Dirty Beaches. Serving Cervezas is a team that prides itself on not being afraid to get dirty. They’ll dive head first into the sand to make a save. A new team to our league Dirty Beaches was willing to put themselves on the line as they worked for every point they scored against Serving Cervezas this evening. While the teams duked it out in the first set, Serving Cervezas closed it out 25-20. Dirty Beaches was unable to recover and Serving Cervezas took a quick win, 25-11.