Kegs Take a Stand (Wednesday’s)


The match up of the night goes to Tigres vs Megs and Kegs. Tigres and Megs and Kegs met for the first time this season tonight. Megs and Kegs has put together a great season so far, while Tigres is coming off a Monday night championship. Scoreless in the first, Megs and Kegs were able to put one in early in the second and it would prove to be all they would need.


Another exciting match up starred Athletic Dildao, who had been playing great this season but they were going to be put to the test tonight against, the thus far dominant, Suns. Suns came out firing and were clicking on all cylinders tonight. Even though Athletic Dildao lost, it’s nothing to hang their heads down about. Suns continues to be undefeated on the season.