Getting Into The Swing Of It (Monday)

The season is just flying by in Monday night softball at Rusty Lyons reaching the halfway point already. Teams are beginning to separate themselves in the standings as we can start to look down the road to the playoffs.

A slew of double headers highlighted the night beginning with Spider-Pigs taking on Fightin Knights and we were treated to a roller coaster of a game. Only lasting three innings both teams combined for 21 runs as they went back and forth. In the top of the third Spider-Pigs staged a rally that tied the game but Fightin Knights only needing the one run got it in the bottom half to walk off with this one 11-10.


On the other field the Jerks looked to pick up their first winning saddling up against Star Ballers also looking for their first W. Right away Star Ballers celebrated cinco early with a 5 spot in the first inning and followed that up with a run in the second. The Jerks also enjoyed early success with four runs in the second inning but only managed a single run after that while that run Star Ballers got proved to be the difference edging the Jerks out, 6-5.

Back on field one, Spider-Pigs switched dugouts and began the back half of their double header as their opponent this time were the free and easy We Got the Runs. Once again, Spider-Pigs found themselves in a dog fight going back and forth with a stubborn opponent. This time being the home team played to their advantage as they entered the bottom half of the fifth in a tie and were able to push the run across for the winning run in their walk off effort, 5-4.

Stirista was up next for their double header and thanks to their antics with the lights in last week’s game we have some brand new lights and left field has never been brighter. If you break these then you’re gonna owe everyone a round! While the field lights stayed safe they sure turned out the lights on their opponent, Top Shelf Primo to a tune of 13 runs to more than double up the 5 run valiant effort of Top Shelf Primo starting themselves off nicely for their double header, 13-5.

Fightin Knights was up next for the back half of their double header and found themselves matching Smack My Pitch Up run for run throughout the game. A fast paced game that reached the fifth inning, where its final score was decided by a single run and some stellar defense. Unfortunately for Fightin Knights, this decision fell against them meaning a split of their double header, 8-7.

Two more evenly matched teams went at it on field 2. Swingin Singles and Las Rosas both had opposite records but they provided us with the excitement on the diamond as the game stayed close inning after inning. Swingin Singles held a one run lead going into the fourth but Las Rosas whose bats really came to life over the last two innings had enough pop in them to overcome the deficit and give them a walk off win giving them their first win and handing Swinglin Singles their first loss, 5-4.

While not as close as the other game, there were still some fireworks provided. This came courtesy of Where My Pitches At who were throwing that wood around, racking up 19 runs over the shorthanded Softballs and Hardsticks who still provided some fireworks though there more like black cats to the bottle rockets of Where My Pitches At but that doesn’t mean they went down without a fight. There stuck through it but still fell, 19-5.

A break between games allowed Stirista to gather some liquid refreshments and that much was evident in their sluggish start to the back end of their double header against Scoregasms who got the jump on them 5-0 before any response was mounted. While the response tied the game at 5, time and the home field advantage were against them as Scoregasms went off for 3 in the bottom half and stayed up that time expired with Stirista also splitting the double header with this loss, 5-8