Hot Shots! (Wednesday’s)

Thylakoid Threat


Week Four is in the books, and what a great night of close games!!!  Continue bringing your “A” games, only two more weeks left until playoffs!




Our first game highlight was between Thylakoid Threat and Toon Squad. Both teams are “veterans” with SSC, and this match-up was highly anticipated, matching up a great defensive team against a great scoring team. This game did not disappoint! Both teams had trouble scoring in the first few minutes, but once they got their first buckets, both teams became hard to stop.  However, when the final bucket was scored, Thylakoid came out on top, 20-18.

Our second game highlight was between Rain Drop Drop Top and Brick House. Rain Drop can punish you from beyond the arc, and Brick House is a threat on the glass. Rain Drop got off to a quick start, but Brick House soon found their groove and quickly responded.  Both teams kept exchanging buckets, but when the final goal was scored, Rain Drop Drop Top came out on top, 20-19