Turkey Sighting! (Thursday’s)

Big PinPin


Week Two is in the books another fine night for bowling at Bowlero! It was a good time as both the heat outside, and the fun inside begin to ramp up as we move to the midpoint in our season!



Our Social Team of the Week is Big PinPin! A group of familiar SSC faces, they’ve brought their talents over from the sand to the lanes! Tonight was a big night for them as they were able to come in clutch late in their matches!



First up, our Social Team of the Week would take on Metallic Zebras. Zebras have a mixture of bowling vets and newcomers, but their newcomers didn’t look like rookies tonight. Thanks to a solid average of about 175, they were looking to make it tough for PinPin to make a comeback. It looked as though Zebras had it in the (bowling) bag, but the seventh, eighth and ninth frame must have been a beckoning for some gobbling as a turkey would seal the deal for PinPin in this one! Final in this one, 961-909.



Secondly, PinPin faced Project X, another group of familiar volleyball faces. What started out as a solid start for PinPin, quickly turned worrisome as the splits became frequent! Looking at the scoreboard, you would think that the splits dots represented a connect-the-dots picture! Queue the ninth and tenth frame when PinPin would recuperate and finally bowl like their first game. They would take this one is striking fashion, 903-887.