Midseason Form! (Thursday’s)

Project X


Another strike, another night at Bowlero with SSC! It’s been a great first half of the season, and so quickly, we already find ourselves going into the final week of the regular season! Teams did their best to find their midseason form tonight, and they certainly did! We had our first team break 1000 tonight!




Tonight we feature an SSC team back for their second season of bowling! They’ve left their knee pads at home and brought their talents over from the hardwood volleyball court! That team, Project X! They’ve made substantial progress this season, even amassing our highest score of the season tonight!




Tonight, our Social Team of the Week first took on a familiar opponent, Metallic Zebras. Zebras, a new, but solid team, played a fantastic game. They had two very strong scores, but great overall team play; they would have an average about 176. Project X, on the other hand, though their highest scorers were not as high, they also averaged 176. So who won? Well, the word ‘about’ is key, and that the final in this one was a difference of four pins…in favor of… Zebras! The final, 884-880. After coming so close to earning a third bowl, X’s anchor just barely missed the pin that could have been the difference.


In their second game, X bowled, perhaps, the best ten frames of their lives. There were 12 total strikes, and any team that bowls 12 strikes is going to be a forced with which to be reckoned. When those strikes come back-to-back, almost impossible to beat. Their second match-up would come against top-seeded Bartender Smash, who has struggled in game-twos this season. They broke their second game slump tonight and put up a very respectable 898. Typically, that score would make you very competitive. But, with all of X’s strikes, their total pin count exceeded 1000; 1073 to be exact! Wow! If this type of bowling continues, Project X might just see back-to-back championship game appearances.