Opening Week! (Monday’s)

Week One of Flag Football is underway for our Spring II season! 16 teams made their way out to the fields at Olmos, and the mixture of familiar faces and newcomers is perfect. Regardless of who was who, the competition level was great, as was the social atmosphere!




We had some really good games tonight and as I predicted based on skill level we are going to see a lot of close games all season. Tonight we had Team Ramrod vs Cash Me In The Endzone, this game went back and forth all night and both teams were making the most of every possession. In the end, we had Cash Me In The Endzone pull off the win by playing solid defense to stop a conversion and win 37-36.


We also had TD’s & Beer vs Misfits battle it out to set the tone for this season. Although Misfits had a nice lead, TD’s & Beer never gave up and continued to fight, we saw three TD’s scored in the last two minutes to keep this game within reach, but Misfits defense held them off for a 39-36 victory. This is already looking to be an exciting season!