Midway Point! (Monday’s)

With Fiesta now behind us, we reach the halfway point of the season and the playoff worthy teams are starting to separate themselves in the standings as look forward to the latter half of what has been a very competitive season.


We were entertained Monday night with two well-established teams going at it on the ball field. Stirista played host to Tequila Slammers per pregame rock, paper, scissor battle and even though Tequila Slammers was a man short, they quickly showed that it was not a disadvantage with a quick run in the top of first to open the scoring. Stirista also showed their offensive explosiveness in the bottom of the first with two runs to grab the lead and padded it with another run in the second as they held Tequila Slammers to a goose egg in the top half of the inning. This didn’t last though as Tequila Slammers found their rhythm in the third inning with some hard hit balls that earned them three runs to take back the lead and while their shirts were blue, they definitely weren’t feeling that way with a one-run advantage. Yet how quickly things change in this very fun game to watch as Stirista wrestled the lead from the Slammers with a pair of runs in the bottom of the third to give them the advantage yet again. So we enter the fourth and the bats of Tequila Slammers stayed hot as once again they showcased what makes them a powerful team with another three runs to give them a two-run edge. Stirista put those rally caps on and with time beginning to be a factor they knew this would probably be their final shot at the Slammers lead. With their own powerful lineup they executed flawlessly to tie the game at seven-all, then took the lead. Tequila Slammers now desperately tried to get the third out to push it to another inning but it was too late as time expired on the game and on their chances of victory in this thriller of a game between two great social teams. Final score 8-7 in favor of Stirista.