Opening Week! (Monday’s)

Week One! Welcome, everyone! Tonight we sported 24 awesome teams, and we had a great mix of new and old faces! Teams didn’t take long to find their rhythm as there was no shortage of scoring tonight. Though it was a great night, everyone seemed to have one request: rain, rain stay away!




Our Team of the Week goes out to Ninja Gummy Bears! No matter the 6:30 or the 9:30 game, they always stick around to mingle and hang out after their games! They’re SSC vets and always bring great attitudes to the fields!




Our Social Team of the Week tonight took on Ricky’s Last Stand. From the get-go, Ricky really put the pressure on the Ninja’s goalie. He was making some incredible saves, but with so many shots on target, some were bound to catch the back of the net. The two in the first half that did, both by females, AKA, two goals each. Ninja was able to connect twice in the first half also, but with males, leading us to a 4-2 game at the half. But after a quick breather and type to gameplan, the Ninja’s found a way to shut down Ricky’s attack in the second half. While successfully defending, they were also able to string together a number of nice offensive possessions which also produced another couple of goals. The first would be a female, which would tie the game. The latter, a male in the closing minutes which would put them up for good, 5-4! Great game!