Return to the Fields! (Monday’s)



Welcome back to our first season of the year! We hope that the small taste of flag football that we had earlier in the year via the tournament got everyone as excited as we are to back on the fields! With some new rule changes this year, including a three-point conversion, we hope that it adds a new dynamic, but the same great fun! Best of luck this season!



This season started out great with the first game on Field 6 in Love Me Some TD’s and TIC. Both teams are very well skilled and this figured to be a great game, and it sure was. Each team marched up and down the field scoring one after the other, with neither team giving in to the other. The deciding moment came when TIC had the ball on their own 15-yard line and their QB began to scramble. He made the decision to run for it and while making at least five players miss his flag, he took the ball to the house and changed the momentum of the game. In the end, it was TIC, 35, beating Love Me Some TD’s, 34 for their first win of the season!


It was a great night all around, teams were excited to be back on the football fields and they were also trying out the three-point conversion rule on many occasions, everyone seemed to like the rule change even if they didn’t convert.


See everyone next week for Week Two of Monday night Flag Football!