All Comes Down To This

The final week of the regular season was a show-stopper as many teams were pushing to solidify their record and show they have what it takes in the postseason.


Misfits FC had a tight match with Houlihan’s who had never looked better than before tonight.  Houlihan’s were able to demonstrate much more ball control and worked efficiently.  However, Misfits were just that much more tighter about their work and were able to pull out the win in the end.


Twerkers 2 FC and Vacas Flacas also had a tough matchup against each other.  Twerkers absolutely dominated the ball possession as they were able to play keep-away for much of the entire match, frustrating Vacas who desperately needed a win.  Vacas pulled to within 2 goals with about a minute left, but the ball possession is what killed them, never able to retain the ball back.


Ivory Toast played Scorpions in another well played match.  Scorpions were on the ball alot of the time and were never able to let Ivory Toast just completely have their way with them.  There was a time in the second half where the man advantage due to score was had.  Scorpions were never able to recover from this point, and we will see if they have enough clout to make the postseason.

In our final matchup of the year and of the regular season, Superchamps were taking on Son of a Pitch.  Superchamps display a TON of team camaraderie which helped them throughout much of the match.  However, the skill displayed by Son of a Pitch is what kept them ahead most of the match.  Both of these teams will be tough draws once we reach the playoffs as both teams head in strong.