Season Is Nearing It’s End


The night started off right with twerkers and scorpions getting the ball rolling. Twerkers jumped out to an early lead but scorpions kept pressing trying to close the 5 goal margin. In the end time ran out and twerkers took the victory.


Misfits FC and Vacas Flacas were fit to be tied as the two played to a draw. Similar styles in play dictated this matchup.


Houlihans had a great time defending Son of a Pitch across the field. Houlihans were able to sneak in a couple fast break goals, but pitch proved too much to handle.


Superchamps and Ivory Toast played one of the better matches of the year. Superchamps did not seem to be on top of their game but still played ivory toast close who were up to their usual smooth ball handling and crisp passing. This will be a matchup to watch in the future.