Champions Crowned! (Wednesday’s)

Playoff time! And all the teams came out to play. Big shout out to all the teams who came out to play their exhibition game and thank you for a great season. Each play off team was on their game tonight but two brought just a little bit more. In the Super Social division Stirista came in as the two seed but played like a one. They started off with a great girl goal cross and didn’t look back taking game one, 4-2, over Likely to Win a Game to get their spot in the SSC finals. The finals match pitted top seed Proudfeet against 2 seed Stirista. Stirista had to play great defense to pull this game out and an unfortunate penalty led to the lone score by one of Stirista’s top players. The game ended 2-0 on the females penalty kick and Stirista was given the honor of SSC champion.


In the Social Division, Red McCombs Toyota also came in second seed as well. In their first game they were pushed to play a solid game. They scored 2-0 and didn’t look back to beat Whispering Eye and head to the finals. In the final they were matched up with the number one seed, Sporting Abeergut. The first half ended 2-2 with a great goal in which the goalie for Red McCombs Toyota blocked the PK but couldn’t handle the rebound allowing a great volley from Sporting Abeergut. Not to be outdone, some fancy passing led to the leading goal from Red McCombs Toyota to go up 4-2. They would notch one more to win their championship game 5-2. Congratulations to champions and we hope to see you next year.