Midway Point! (Wednesday’s)


TRE Attack Pack


We’ve reached the midway point in our season at Factory of Champions! It’s been a great first half of the season, and the latter half seems to be an equal blast. As promised, the grill was out tonight, and props out to TRE Attack Pack for following through!


Our Social Team of the Week is TRE Attack Pack! Though they weren’t able to grill last week, they brought out the grill not only for themselves, but also some for everyone! Everyone appreciated the graciousness! Better yet, the party didn’t stop there, but they continued on to the Hangar, for great games of Cards Against Humanity and Giant Jenga!


In our first featured game of the night, TRE Attack Pack took on the veterans, Just the Tip. TRE was up 11-6 in the first, but Tip would recoup and bring tie the game up at 12. The game was back and forth after that, and Tip was able to pull out the close first set by a three point margin, 25-22. Set two started out in the same fashion, but Tip was able to piece together a number of small runs that eventually lead to their match victory.

On our other court, Awkward Sets took on Just the Tip in their second game of the evening. Both teams played a solid first set with both teams going neck in neck. The second set showed stellar defense by Tip that would eventually force a third set. But it was all Awkward by that point as fatigue was sure to be a factor. Awkward went on a seven point run to start the set. Tip scored one, but then it was back to another Awkward run. The third set ended in Awkward’s favor, 15-3.