Final Week! (Friday’s)

The season is winding down but the race for the final playoff spots is heating up. The final few spots are up for grabs and Week Six games did a little to help clear that up.


Both of the teams in the 7:30 match up needed a win to cling onto their playoff hopes. Pitches Be Crazy started off the better against McGlovins but were unable to hold on to that lead. McGlovin made their case for being a playoff team by staging an early comeback. However, they would have to hold off a comeback attempt by Pitches to end the game. Pitches were able to take the lead in the final inning of the game and held on for a much needed victory.  Each team can still make the playoffs next week with a victory and some help from other teams.


Bad News Beers found themselves in the same situation, a win would greatly increase their playoff chances. However their opponents Central Builders were looking to play spoilers and pick up their first win of the season in the process. It started well for Central Builders as they were able to take an early lead and hold on to it for a few innings. Sadly for them they had one inning that will haunt them, as they have had in every game this season. Balls squirted under gloves and bounced just in front of fielders. That was enough for BNB to mount their comeback and eventually win the game.