Friendly Fields (Friday’s)


Nailbreakers were  gracious enough to stay after their game at 830 to play the team at 930 who had no opponent due to forfeit.  Not all players hung around, but enough for a game to be had, and it was good competition as well.  Thanks to Nailbreakers for keeping it social.


Scorpions and Copa FC had a great match against each other.  Both teams were evenly matched coming in, with Scorpions being one of the two undefeated teams left.  Copa FC was ready to test their strength and started off hot.  They were able to bury a couple goals quick to the match, and this had a short handed Scorpions squad on their heels.  Try as they might, Scorpions were hit on the counter attack after many of their shots and setups were deflected and defended away.  Scorpions were definitely the favorites coming in, but at the end of the day Copa FC proved that they were a team to be contended with coming into the playoffs in the next couple of weeks.  Great game by both teams.