Sandy Serves (Thursday’s)



Another hot night out at Factory of Champions as we mark the halfway point through the summer session.


Social team of the week goes to Serving Cervezas. They were hanging out at the hangar last night when the bar asked if anyone was driving a F150. It was about to be towed due to where it was parked. One of their players walked over to Factory to see if I could ask around, just in case it was a player’s car. Luckily, it wasn’t anyone still at Factory but I thought that was super nice of them to check.

Game of the night goes to Spike This! and Just the Tip. Two super social teams, both came out of the gate with strong serves, consistent passes and solid hits. Spike This! made a great run with their serves, racking up several points but Just the Tip was able to hold on and close out this nail biter, 27-25.

Not ready to call it a night, Spike This! came into the second set making sure to do more of what worked in the first set. Just the Tip still managed to give them a run for their money and the game came down to the wire yet again. Spike This! took the second set, 25-23.

By the third set both teams were feeling confident they could take this win. Each team exposed their opponents weakness to get on the board early and, again, serves played a huge part in each team’s success. Just the Tip was able to make a few well timed hits though and just tipped the win over into their column, taking the third set 15-12.