Champions Crowned! (Tuesday’s)

Playoffs are here and we couldn’t have asked for anything more from these teams! Hearts were broken and competition was fierce. On a nice summer evening, life was good on Tuesday night.




Block Party
Fourth seeded Block Party began the Social Playoffs by taking on the top seeded Slim Sandy. Slim has looked dominant all season and looked to continue that into the playoffs en route to the championship match. But Block Party was unwilling to concede easily, surprising Slim with a first set upset, 25-22. Slim took the second set, 25-20 and looked to cruise into a third set victory taking a commanding 14-5 lead. One would think the match would be over with one Slim point, but what would unfold next is the reason we play the game. Block would work one point at a time, scoring one after another. At 14-10, all onlookers were stunned. At 14-13, everyone was on the edge of their seat. At 14-14, no one thought it could be done. At 16-14, the match would be over and Block Party might have completed one of the greatest upsets and surprises in SASSC History. Magnificent. likewise, Chupacabras would take care of Serve-ivors 25-14, 25-16.

Onto the finals, Block Party would look to continue their Cinderella run, but Chupacabras would dash that hope early taking a comfortable first set win, 25-17. But as we’ve learned, Block Party likes to play from behind and surprise people. They took the second set, 25-14. Block Party would look to make a statement about the kind of team they are, and they would go on to take this match, 15-10. Absolutely incredible. Congratulations Block Party!
Super Social:

Accenture Aces


To start off the night, top seeded Accenture Aces took care of Spike Yo Punch in a surprising three set match. To continue their route to the Championship match, they would take also handle Dirty Sand Weasels. Likewise, That’s What She Set beat Sand Blasters, then How I Set Your Mother en their route to the championship.


The Super Social finals were equally tense and had everyone on their feet. What She Set came out firing and was not going to be denied winning the first set, 25-21. Aces were not going to go down without a fight and mounted a comeback to take the second set 25-21 also! A pivotal third set was underway and would not disappoint. What She Set mounted a lead and forced Aces to call a timeout. They came out swinging out of the timeout and forced a What She Set timeout. Aces went up 14-13 for set, but the match was then tied at 14. Ace would score two consecutive and take the match and the championship! Congratulations Accenture Aces!


Our night started early, but that only meant that our teams could start their drinking days early. Regardless of when a team played on Tuesday night, almost every team stuck around to drink and watch. It was great to see the support that these teams have for each other, even after tough losses. We want to thank all of our teams for making this an awesome and memorable season. We look forward to doing it again next season!