Late Night Sets! (Tuesday’s)

Our Social Team of the Week is Dat Ace Doe! Each and every night they are sure to rock their prideful matching Texas shorts! They played a great game tonight, and kept up the awesome atmosphere in the process!



Our Social Team of the Week tonight took on a tough How I Set Your Mother team. After an uncharacteristic number of mental mistakes in the first set, Mother recouped in the second set and implemented a strategic game plan (25-13). This new plan made Ace uneasy and caused them to be more mistake prone themselves. A few rallies of good serves though was Ace’s saving grace. Tied at 22, three incredible last points went in Ace’s favor as they took the match in two sets.

Sand Blaster and Merrill & Company came out to play and ended up needing three to decide a winner. Game one was not close at first, but 10 straight points by Sand Blasters helped complete a comeback. Merrick & Comapany were able to figure out their mistakes and capitalize on a short-handed Sand Blasters and sweep the final two sets handily.