Sand Ballers! (Tuesday’s)

Safe Sets


Week Three here at Sideliners! All teams came out to play, drink and have some fun. Our Social Team of the Week is Safe Sets! They’re always in good spirits and have good players that just want to have an even better time.




One of our games featured two teams who have played each other in previous seasons, Accenture Aces and How I Set Your Mother. They played three sets all of which were close. Accenture took set one, but How I Set Your Mother wasn’t going down easy and forced a third set. Each team played tough during the third set, but in the end, Accenture Aces was able to string a few more good players together to claim set three.




The next game featured two more familiar foes in Safe Sets and Alpha Blockers. Safe Sets was able to win the first set. It may have taken Alpha Blockers a second to find a groove, but they were able to over come their set one mistakes and win both sets two and three to claim the match in two very competitive matches.